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Where did this horror movie thing of mummies walking come from was it just some racist weird western notion to further exotify Egypt?? Did anyone actually believe this before The Mummy (the really old version) came out in the 20’s?

Buckle up, y’all, I wrote my thesis on this so I actually know the answer to it. Please take a moment to prepare yourself for white people being even grosser than you thought we were. No, grosser. NO, grosser than that. Okay, you’re ready. 

Of course, many cultures have myths about the dead rising up, but the mummy occupies a really unique place in the Western imagination. As far as we can tell, Western anxieties about Egyptian mummies didn’t appear until until the Early Modern period of European history. During this time, Europeans had some…interesting ideas about medicine. Some of these ideas involved straight-up fucking cannibalism. Yep! Mummy parts were crumbled up and used as tinctures or ingested, most frequently to stanch internal bleeding. It wasn’t until people began to realize that eating other humans might contribute to the spread of disease that the practice died out. It’s very probable that fears & anxieties about Egyptian mummies specifically came from their association with disease.

Egyptian mummies continued to be used as raw material up to and throughout the 19th century; they were used to make paint pigment and paper, and some people claim they were also used as fertilizer and fuel. (The last part is almost certainly not true, because the “fuel” thing comes from a Mark Twain joke that subsequent writers took seriously.) They were also the subject of Pettigrew’s famous mummy demonstrations, in which a greasy amateur scientist and showman unrolled mummies in front of London high society. They were ALSO taken into people’s private homes and treated as curios - having looted artifacts was considered a sign of refinement and good personal curatorship. 

Despite treating mummies as objects and resources, the Victorians must have known on some level that desecrating corpses was not 100% okay, because it’s around this time that we start to see mummy fictions. 

Including Victorian mummy  erotica.

Mummy fictions in the 19th century mostly focused on romantic conquest of the mummy, but there was an element of horror in them too; in these fictions (including ones by Bram Stoker and Arthur Conan Doyle, among others) we see a lot of fear & anxiety about the mystical powers of the mummy, which I’m pretty sure comes from Englishmen feeling vaguely guilty about having dead people in their houses. (Not guilty enough to put them back, though!) EDIT: if you’re wondering where, specifically, the idea of mummies walking is from, it’s from these stories.

As mummy romance fell out of vogue, the accompanying horror element stayed. When the tomb of Tutankhamun was opened in 1922 and a series of unfortunate events conspired to make people believe in a curse, Western anxieties about the mummy skyrocketed, and birthed the mummy-horror tradition we see today.

Of course, all of this history IS absolutely rooted in racism and exotification; as I said in my thesis: 

It is tempting to dismiss the use and abuse of mummified bodies as a quirk of history, an unusual and unrepeatable phase of Western culture. However, to do so would be to dismiss years of imperialism, of colonialist thought, in which people of “the Orient” - a category in which Egypt was definitively included - existed in the Western imagination as curios, commodities, and curiosities, not as human beings.

This concludes the super long answer that no one asked for or wanted. If you take away anything from this, I hope it’s that if you’re European, your great-great-great grandfather was probably a cannibal and your great-grandma was probably into mummy porn. Sweet dreams!

Oh hey, I forgot most people didn’t know this one. Yeah, white folks did some awful, awful stuff with the Egyptian dead. There’s a reason that there’s so few still around, in spite of the popularity of mummification as a funerary practice over centuries of Khemetic civilization.

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I love german - seriously

"Jemanden festnehmen means to arrest someone

 While "Jemanden fest nehmen  means to fuck someone hard. 。◕‿◕。

zusammenkommen - meet

zusammen kommen - having an orgasm together

and don’t forget the classic:

gut zu Vögeln sein - to be good to birds

gut zu vögeln sein - to be good in bed

I’ll never regret that German’s my native language

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Ebola by Andre Carrilho


Ebola by Andre Carrilho

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Ok but India launched a successful Mars rover for less money than it cost to make the movie “gravity” so keep ur third world global south bullshit away from me.

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Yesterday, I went to Disneyland. Apparently, at their Innovations building, there is a HUGE Avengers exhibit, complete with appearances by Captain America and Thor. Naturally, I ran screaming into said building, camera at the ready. After falling on the ground in front of the array of Iron Man suits and bursting into tears at the Steve Rogers exhibit (exactly like the Smithsonian one in TWS) I got in line to meet the Star-Spangled Man. (The workers were all awesome, they loved that I was such a nerd and so unbelievably excited to meet the Captain.)

My purse has a large Doctor Who pin on it, (not pictured) and the camera man for Steve pointed at it, looked at Cap, and was like “Look at this, it says something about she’s a Doctor?” and Cap points at it and goes "Oh, that looks like a blue police box!" so I said, (I was speechless guys I literally am such a dweeb) "It is." and he said "When I was in England doing an Op in 1942, I was stuck in a burning building and a man named John Smith pulled me out of the building, and then ran into a blue police box just like that and disappeared. Do you know if this has anything to do with that?" 


anyways, we took pictures, i cried when i walked out, thought you all ought to know. the end. 

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You must miss the good old days.”
“Well, things aren’t so bad. The food’s a lot better, we used to boil everything. No polio, good. Internet, so helpful.

Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers—Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Can we talk about this? Can we talk about Steve utterly demolishing the way we romanticize the past? Can we talk about Cap’s refusal to buy into this meme that things have gone downhill since the 40s—since he actually lived through them?

I just really love Captain America ok guys?

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steve rogers is so disappointed right now

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Steve Rogers going on a campaign against the anti-vaccine movement: “Ladies and Gentlemen, can I show you a fucking Iron Lung.”

Steve Rogers going on Fox News and just laughing for an uncomfortably long time whenever one of the correspondents brings up some BS like, “But those were the days when women were women and men were men!”, “You mean the days when women shot guns and welded metal and amputated limbs on the battlefield and never got the appreciation they deserved? Those days?

Steve Rogers not missing a fucking beat with today’s technology, in fact he’s delighted by it, and every time a fan asks to take a selfie with him he agrees excitedly and asks them to tag him on their instagram.

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